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According to the June 25, 2019, U.S. Department of Education website, some of the basics to look for at any effective school include everything found at McCoy Elementary and so much more:

  • High expectations. – Check out our School Recognitions!
  • Great teachers and staff. – McCoy has one of the lowest teacher/staff turnover rates in the district! McCoy Elementary is a place to plant educational roots!
  • Busy, visible children. – Check out our video. Better yet check out our Facebook Page
  • Rigorous curriculum. - 100% Administration and Teachers are GT Certified. We know how to differentiate curriculum at McCoy!
  • Vibrant parent-teacher association. -  National PTA School of Excellence X2!
  • Parents welcomed and questions answered. - Check out our School Testimonials!


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Dr. Charlotte Thomas

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Lisa Tavitas

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Dana Chamberlain

LaShandralyn Harrison

Nurse Golden

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Principal Rink has gone out of her way to listen to me and my concerns as a parent. She follows through with a concise plan of action and communicates effectively as the plan is in process. I always feel that her desire to do this great work is not out of obligation but out of a genuine caring for her students." -Bert Johnson, McCoy Parent

If ever there was a perfect school it would be McCoy Elementary. The staff and teachers truly love the kids; they go above and beyond the call of duty. I feel my son received so much more than a great elementary education, but a great start in life. The teachers and staff teach and exemplify character and a passion for learning.-McCoy Parent